On 05-11-16 10:11, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
> Hi
> I've been monitoring the server and I think that with the caching in
> place the timeouts are gone, but of course we need to add the new
> versions as they appear.
> Richard: what do you think about adding a couple of future versions too,
> so we don't forget?

Yep, done: 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 added

Currently the nightly requests the ?qgis=3.0 version (see [0])

by the way, running the get_plugins.xml script takes  2,5 minute
$ time ./get_plugins_xml
real    2m27.058s
user    0m0.040s
sys     0m0.096s
And runs every 10 minutes. Maybe we should bring that up in future, or
make the script faster?




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