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Il 08/11/2016 03:49, Nicolas Cadieux ha scritto:

> I see that lots of stuff below is moved to the processing plugin. I have
> been continually having problems with this in a multiple user
> environment where I am stuck deleting the processing plugin folder for
> every user in a machine every time I do an install.  That means that if
> 6 users have use a single machine, I need to delete the processing
> folder 6 times as more often then not, I end up with old and new
> versions of the processing algorithms on the same computer.  Are you
> planing to change this or to have some kind of version checker when a
> users run Qgis after an update?

agreed, it's a known annoying problem, that hits many users.
IMHO a warning "You have installed an older version - do you want to
uninstall and use the latest?" would be enough.

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