On 12-11-16 15:56, Christine wrote:
> Siki Zoltan wrote
>> you can share your shape files (.shp, .shx, .dbf) simply giving the files
>> to your collegues. To share a QGIS project file with ArcGIS users is not
>> available. I have heard about QGIS plug-in to read an ArcGIS mxd.
>> http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/23717/converting-arcgis-mxd-file-to-qgis-qgs-file
> This question comes up from time to time. Many of us would appreciate if
> they were able to exchange complete rendering/styling definitions with
> ArcGIS users or applications. Have an eye on that, but all what I found up
> to now did not work really. If somebody can disconfirm this: very welcome
> !!! But as long as ESRI does not support such an approach, we shouldn't
> exspect to get it. 
> So, Ahmed, you may easily exchange your files, but your collegue is supposed
> to style them on his own. 

One idea: save your styling (preferably rule based) as sld files with
your data. For what I know ArcGis is also able to load sld files (it
should as it is a OGC standard...).

Better to convince your collegue to install QGIS besides his ArcGIS :-)

And even more idealistic: exchange your data in a newer standard format
like GeoPackage, which (in case of QGIS) is able to hold both data +

So IF somebody from the ArcGIS-'community' steps up and maybe make this
work cross applications. Would be cool isn't it if both ArcGIS and QGIS
could exchange data + styling (as sld) within GeoPackage.

Off course both sides have to invest it this, but I'm not sure if Esri
will try to be compatible....


Richard Duivenvoorde

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