Dear all,

I have an attribute table (associated to a shape file).

One of the field  is a string type field and his name is “DESCRIPTION” , I
need this field as an  INT number.

The field “description” is formed by 25 different samples and around 350
records (so for every sample there are different records with the same

SO I create a new field “descriptionINT” and I would like to fill the field
with 25 numbers (1, 2, 3,.... 25) associated to the 25 different sample and
350 records.

How I can do?

Till now, I was first selecting the records related to the first sample and
I was giving the number, for example 1 (with field calculator) to all the
records related to the same sample.

But I am doing this one by one.. that means every time a do a new selection
and I give a new number with field calculator.

Do you know a faster way (query)  to do this ?

​thanks A.L. ​

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