Ciao Andrea,
by default Postgresql views are read only. Even the simplest view made in
Postgresql needs a rule to be updated. After writing a statement for a
view, just take the habit of writing the rules for insert, update, delete.
Please read the chapter on the Rule System in the Postgresql Reference
Manual for the instructions.

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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 09:39:23 +0100
From: Andrea Peri <>
To: Matthias Kuhn <>
Cc: qgis-user <>
Subject: Re: [Qgis-user] Editing a Postgis view
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Hi Matthias,
thx for response.
So the trouble is in my db.

Now I try to understand better why it is not working.

This is my actual try test:

create table schemaapp.repository(
 ID serial primary key NOT NULL,
 UUID varchar(50) NOT NULL,
 PROGETTO varchar(9) NOT NULL,
 GEOMETRIA1 geometry(MULTIPOINT, 3003)

create view schemaapp.v_repository_point as
 select as id,
  a.uuid as uuid,
  a.progetto as progetto,
  a.procedimento as procedimento,
  a.geometria1 as geometria
  schemappa.repository_wfs as a
  a.geometria1 is not null;

I will know if discover something.
thx again.

2016-11-16 8:54 GMT+01:00 Matthias Kuhn <>:
> Hi Andrea,
> It works here.
> Do you have an instead of insert rule written on your view?
> It works for me this way (but my views are too complicated for postgres
> to create default insert rules by default anyway).
> You can also try to alter your view with a default value for the column
> in question.
> Best regards
> Matthias
> On 11/16/2016 08:15 AM, Andrea Peri wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm having some trouble to edit a postgis view using qgis.
>> The view is a simple:
>> select list-of-field from table1;
>> And the table1 is a table with a Primary key on a serial type field.
>> I add the first record and all was ok. The commit too.
>> When go to add the second record.
>> I start to have trouble.
>> The qgis report my always a constraint violation of the pk.
>> I try to leave the pk field empty, or try to fill it with a value.
>> No solution work.
>> So my question is if is confirmed that qgis (I use the 2.18) version)
>> is working in editing with a postgis view .
>> Thx.
>> A.
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