I encounter a strange problem when trying to edit fields in a layer.
I have a polygon layer and a csv list of actions to be taken on these areas. So I joined the attributes with the toolbox to attach the actions to the polygons (NOT joining via properties)

Now I have to edit some of the attached data, cause they are false positives (due to multiple matching ids).

But some of the attached fields are now not editable, they are just greyed out on the form. When I look at the properties, they are just the same string fields as the others.

I thought that this might be some of the ESRI-shape quirks, so I saved the layer to sqlite. There, I was able to edit one polygon (emtpy the attached fields). But after saving the changes, the effect was back again, some fields are greyed out in the form again.

I never encountered such a problem before, and I'm quite clueless what to do, and of course I am in a big hurry.
See attached screenshot of the fields.

Anyone an idea what might be the problem or how to work around this?


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