Our office is a bit bigger. We have some data on a Samba Linux file server and 
permissions are decided using the samba user and group management. We also have 
an Postgis server.  http://www.postgis.net/ but most of the Data is files (shp, 
tiff...) on the samba server and people have mapped network drives. 

It all depends on the local setup.  At the very beginning, all we had was a NAS 
and about 10 computers working in a Microsoft Workgroup environment so there 
has no main server.  If you buy a good small NAS, you could use that for the 
file reading and writing permissions.  They are usually built with a Linux 
distribution with a samba server running.


> Le 20 nov. 2016 à 10:38, GEORGE MICHAILIDIS [via OSGeo.org] 
> <ml-node+s1560n529665...@n6.nabble.com> a écrit :
> Could you please provide me with some guidiles of how to use the QGIS in a 
> office network (around 10PC) 
> where the users will be able to see the projects and make spartial queries 
> but will not be able to edit the data of the layers ? Is it possible to input 
> licence priveledges to some users, or to lock some layers or group layers.
> Best regards George
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