Thank you very much Paolo.
I will try the plugins immediately, but I believe that it could be better
if changes in metadata would be attainable and savable directly via the
layer metadata sheet.
May I suggest this to the developer?



2016-11-24 6:21 GMT+00:00 Paolo Cavallini <>:

> Il 23/11/2016 23:50, Giacomo Fontanelli ha scritto:
> > Dear forum
> >
> > When I double click on a raster layer I can then access to metadata.
> > If I write something in Abstract or Title etc and then I quit QGIS and
> > start again the software I found that all the information I saved in the
> > metadata are lost.
> >
> > How can I do to definitively save edit on my metadata?
> AFAIK they are stored in the project. Please note that there is a plugin
> for writing and saving metadata, and an proposal for a better global
> management of metadata.
> All the best.
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