On 30-11-16 12:29, Victoria RAPHAEL wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have a big problem, as I need to use Semi Automatic Classification
Plugin from QGIS, but when I started the software this afternoon to
complete my analysis, the plugin was unreachable. I uninstalled and
reinstall it but this message of error was displayed on screen:

'The plugin is broken, Python said:
local variable 'u' referenced before assignment'

I retry uninstall and reinstall the plugin, but it displays always the
same message. Since I begin QGIS, it's the first time it happens to me
and at a very bad time, because I need to do some Landsat treatment for
a project I have to submit at the beginning of next week...

If someone has already had the same problem and/or knows how to fix it,
I would be very thankful !

Hi V,

Looking at the version tab of the plugin in the plugin admin website:


it looks like there were some pretty recent updates (last 28th of nov).

maybe you can download an older version of the plug and unzip it in your plugin folder?

maybe by accident you upgraded your plugin?

@dev's: current 'upgrade plugin' process is a little tricky, for example checking one plugin, and pushing the 'update plugin' button updates ALL(!) instead of only the checked one...


Richard Duivenvoorde

ps I bcc'd the author in this email

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