You could use the GRASS function r.null (available in


On 30. des. 2016 11:35, Raymond Nijssen wrote:
I'd like to reclass a raster that contains just cells with values nodata
and 1. (I created it by rasterizing a polygon layer.)

Now I want to change all nodata values to 0, but I cannot find any way
to do this. I tried the grass and gdal tools and the qgis raster
calculator, but without luck.

Does anyone know?



In fact I have 2 of these layers and I want to "union" them. So I tried:

raster1 OR raster2

in the calculator, but that only returns 1 for the cells that contain a
1 in both input rasters, resulting in the overlapping area.

By changing nodata to 0, I'm hoping to calculate:

(raster1 + raster2) ^ 0

and get my desired results.

Any ideas on this?
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