My colleague experimented with custom dash patterns inside a line
pattern fill. We discovered that this feature is seriously broken, both
in 2x and 3x. Both on Windows and Linux. 

We made sure that the cap style is set to "flat" and then applied a
custom dash pattern inside a line pattern fill, with equal length (say
3mm length dash, 3mm length space). The result as it appears is more
like a longer dash, then a space, then a shorter dash and a space.
Certainly not what we defined. If you change to a longer dash, say 20mm
dash, 3mm space, the spaces totally disappear. 

Is there maybe a unit problem when rendering custom dashes inside a line
pattern? It looks like the total length of the custom dash pattern
doesn't equal the sum of the individual dash/space patterns. 

Can others confirm my issue? 



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