Ok. When I try another view with an INSERT rule I have the same problem in 
2.18.2. Works in 2.14. UPDATE and DELETE are ok as well. Can we check the 
resulting SQL from QGIS? Must be some difference there. I don’t know if we can 
turn on logging on our database.

Karl-Magnus Jönsson

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Skickat: den 16 januari 2017 14:44
Till: Karl-Magnus Jönsson
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Ämne: Re: [Qgis-user] can't editing view using rules

Hi Magnus, thanks for the answer.

I think my rules are ok also because they work fine with QGIS 2.14.
The strange things is that the error say about an "INSERT RETURNING" when I 
don't need any RETURING clause.
The problem happens only with INSERT rules. UPDATE and DELETE are ok.

this is my INSERT rule:

    ON INSERT TO sicod.v_dif_spon DO INSTEAD  INSERT INTO sicod.dif_spon 
(padr_id, sigla_rile, prog_opera, localita, sponda, alt_min, alt_max, lung, 
tipologia, efficienza, stato, mat_massi, mat_c_secc, mat_c_int, mat_a_secc, 
mat_a_int, mat_gabbio, mat_cls, mat_legna, i_manuten, i_nessuna, i_prolung, 
i_pulizia, i_ricostru, i_sottomur, i_svuotam, so_dissest, so_interra, 
so_scalzat, so_sifonat, note, data_rilev, desc_fonte, font_elab, font_sopr, 
font_altro, geom)
  VALUES (new.padr_id, new.sigla_rile, new.prog_opera, new.localita, 
new.sponda, new.alt_min, new.alt_max, new.lung, new.tipologia, new.efficienza, 
new.stato, new.mat_massi, new.mat_c_secc, new.mat_c_int, new.mat_a_secc, 
new.mat_a_int, new.mat_gabbio, new.mat_cls, new.mat_legna, new.i_manuten, 
new.i_nessuna, new.i_prolung, new.i_pulizia, new.i_ricostru, new.i_sottomur, 
new.i_svuotam, new.so_dissest, new.so_interra, new.so_scalzat, new.so_sifonat, 
new.note, new.data_rilev, new.desc_fonte, new.font_elab, new.font_sopr, 
new.font_altro, new.geom);

2017-01-16 7:56 GMT+01:00 Karl-Magnus Jönsson 
Are you sure it isn’t an issue with the view? I have a view with rules and it 
work in 2.18. When you have conditions in the rule you must have another rule 
on the same event that is unconditional. Check the last paragraph in the 
description : https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/sql-createrule.html

In my case I have a unconditional rule that does nothing:

CREATE OR REPLACE RULE v_prislistor_upd_ins AS
    ON UPDATE TO park.v_prislistor
   WHERE old.id<http://old.id> IS NULL DO INSTEAD  INSERT INTO park.priser 
(kod, pris, utforare)
  VALUES (new.kod, new.pris, new.utforare);

CREATE OR REPLACE RULE v_prislistor_upd_nothing AS
    ON UPDATE TO park.v_prislistor DO INSTEAD NOTHING;

CREATE OR REPLACE RULE v_prislistor_upd_upd AS
    ON UPDATE TO park.v_prislistor
   WHERE old.id<http://old.id> IS NOT NULL DO INSTEAD  UPDATE park.priser SET 
pris = new.pris
  WHERE priser.id<http://priser.id> = old.id<http://old.id>;

Karl-Magnus Jönsson

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Ämne: [Qgis-user] can't editing view using rules

Hi to all,

starting fron QIS 2.16 I can't edit anymore postgres views with rules. When I 
try to insert a new feature I have this error [0]. All works fine with QGIS 2.14

Can anyone confirm the issue ?



Impossibile applicare le modifiche al vettore v_frane_pol_full

Errori: ERRORE: 1 geometria non aggiunta.

Errori della sorgente dati:

Errore PostGIS nell'aggiunta delle geometrie: ERROR: cannot perform INSERT 
RETURNING on relation "v_frane_pol_full"

HINT: You need an unconditional ON INSERT DO INSTEAD rule with a RETURNING 

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