Hi all,
Fairly new to this so here goes with a description of my problem.
* A DEM was created out of Photoscan Pro and brought in as a layer. (WGS84)
* Project CRS is WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator
* Contours were created fine and brought in as a layer
* Exported the contours using DXF Export...from the File menu (and from
context menu of the layer)
I get this which is great:
* When imported into Autodesk TrueView I get the contours but stretched like
* Export as a DXF out of Photoscan Pro directly also results in the same
stretched appearance. Yet displays normally in Photoscan Pro.

Having had only limited experience with QGIS I dont know how to fix this. I
can guess that its maybe something to do with the CRS?

Can any one help?

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