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Subject: [Qgis-user] Find services in the CSW and click on the link to add the
     service into the map using MetaSearch Catalogue Client plugin in QGIS

I am using Metasearch catalogue client qgis plugin(
to find services in csw and add the service into map.I had created a new
service and searched using a keyword. It could see a list of services and
datasets for the keyword which i had searched. But Add WMS/WMTS, Add WFS,
WCS buttons are disabled. But i could see these buttons enabled for the
default connections.What should be done to enable these buttons or how do
these get enabled for default connections?The CSW url is

MetaSearch expects the CSW GetRecords response to have either dct:references
or dc:URI with the appropriate @protocol (OGC:WMS, OGC:WFS, OGC:WCS) XML
elements to be able to trigger the WMS/WFS/WCS workflow.  Examples:

<dct:references scheme="OGC:WMS">http://geo.woudc.org/ows</dct:references>

<dc:URI protocol="OGC:WMS" name="ta" 

Given each CSW server implementation varies you will need to ensure your 
is outputting WMS/WFS/WCS links accordingly.


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