I'm using the rule-based style with refine selected rules to display a map of bird sightings, with different symbol shapes and colors for each bird, linked to categories (pairs, banded birds ,etc ...).

Because of the current user request #10479 (It would be good that when 'Refine current rule' is used that the refinements respect the original rule that they are based on) I have to go through 'complex' rules so that I get only the needed categories selected.

When I'm at the level of refining the selected rule, I can edit the ' Legend' of the category in that sub window (I have Symbol | Value | Legend), but once I select ok and get redirected to the Layer property style, the legend is lost (it becomes Label | Rule | etc...).

I would have expected that the /legend /is transferred to the /label /..... because I end up with legends like: "/if (Bands = '2 banded' or ( "Bands" = 'banded' AND "Pair" = 'S'), "Name" ,"") = 'Aumangea & Thurley'/" - What I wanted was just the name of the birds which I want to be displayed in the composer. The only way I found is to edit manually all my bird names, one after the other in the composer's legend ...

Would someone have a smarter way to do it? Can it be considered as a bug or a new feature?
Laurence Bechet
*ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator**
**Cascades Ranger Station**
Falls Road, Waitakere* **
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