Thank you Richard for the tip, but I'm already using that feature (or do not use the auto update to be more accurate) (that's why I have 3 legend boxes).
The trick is what Nyall suggested: un-check "resize to fit content".

It's great that qGIS can be so flexible! Thanks for the help.

On 27/01/2017 11:09 p.m., Richard McDonnell wrote:

While the legend is selected go to *Item* *Properties*, *Legend Items* there is a tick box *Auto Update* untick it. I think this should do what you want, the problem is though that if you add other layers and wish to add them, change them, they wont be added to the legend unless you refresh, which will result in a resetting of the layers, hope this helps.



On 27/01/2017 00:49, Nyall Dawson wrote:
On 27 January 2017 at 09:25, Laurence Béchet<>  wrote:

I have several blocks of legend in my composer that I group together to have
a final nice display:

To do so I have to stretch each block so that the final version looks like
one single block and not several blocks put together:

A very annoying thing is that each time I refresh the composer, my legends
get refreshed to their original rectangle and I have to reshape everything
... I thought that if I locked the blocks they would not get refreshed - but
they do. I also tried to group them, but again they get refreshed. Is there
a way to keep the final shape?
Uncheck "resize to fit contents" under the legend item properties,
"main properties" section.

Also it took me a while to discover that to pick up several blocks one by
one you need to use the shift key and not the control key (as in most
software). Is it normal or is it something I can configure somewhere?
Shift is the standard used in layout/illustration packages. Ctrl
clicking cycles through selecting overlapping elements.

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