Hi Randal,
copying projects is even simpler with the authentication. Just make sure that all users have the same id set for their PostgreSQL-connection. Another way to achieve what (I assume) you intend is to use my Plugin DataDrivenInputMask [1] that automatically creates combos for relations, checks for default and not null values etc.


[1] http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/DataDrivenInputMask/

Am 18.03.2017 um 16:52 schrieb didier peeters:
Hello Randy,

I haven’t been working with value relations very recently but what I
used to do to easily share it with other users was to save everything in
the project file, then duplicate this file and replace the login name
(or anything else that would need to be adapted) with a text editor.



Le 17 mars 2017 à 16:42, Randal Hale <rjh...@northrivergeographic.com
<mailto:rjh...@northrivergeographic.com>> a écrit :


I'm working with a group and I'm attempting to "idiot proof" editing a
bit - well - at least the attribution. I've set up a database
(postgresql/postgis) and went so far as to set up foreign keys. I set
up value relations and we now have drop down lists for about everything.

I decided to save what I am doing. I saved the data layer as a qlr. I
saved the style as a qml. I re-added the data using the qlr and the
style using the qml. EXCEPT - it didn't restore the value relations.
They are in the qml file:

   <edittype widgetv2type="ValueRelation" name="confk">

    <widgetv2config OrderByValue="0" AllowNull="0" FilterExpression=""
UseCompleter="0" fieldEditable="1" Key="id" constraint=""
Layer="contractor_tbl20170317111848429" Value="contractor"
labelOnTop="0" constraintDescription="" AllowMulti="0" notNull="0"/>


the Layer -> contractor_tbl20170317111848429 isn't quite the right
name but I'm assuming that's some internal QGIS layer naming. I even
changed it - it wouldn't restore.

I did more digging and discovered the value relation is also in the
qlr file - but it's not restoring the widgets either. Maybe it doesn't
matter that I saved a qml.

Question is - should it restore? Or are value relations (widgets) just
for that QGIS session - so I need to set this up 5 times for 5 people?
Which I don't mind doing - I was under the impression this
saved/restored with the qlr/qml.

QGIS: 2.18.4
OS: Ubuntu (mate) 16.04
QGIS repo/Ubuntu GIS repo.



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