I want to start a new raster file project in GQIS 2.18.11 on win7, using a
terrain raster image as layer one  I have found numerous tutorials with
sample data but so far no useful instructions on the finer points of how to
do this simple task.  Note that I have tried to download Google Natural
Earth 1:10.000.000 large scale rasters but keep getting a 404 not found
error, so they must not be available.  The other scale  Natural Earth
rasters are not usable as I will need to zoom down further than they

So the next step is to find a usable substitute, but so far I am fumbling
around and wasting hours by guessing at what the various raster file types
will look like in QGIS. Would someone kindly suggest at least a substitute
WGS84 raster file and a link to where I can find it?

FWIW my goal is to assemble a multilayer terrain elevation analysis project
for evaluating mountain peaks and cols in Albania for SOTA (Summits on the
Air) use.  

tnx in advance. 


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