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> Il 01/02/2018 20:16, DelazJ ha scritto:
> > Nice,Paolo! Really! Another example of QGIS great capabilities and
> > users imagination...
> > This deserves either a blog post or being published in the "Resource
> > Sharing" plugin!  
> BTW, it is already loaded there
> https://github.com/pcav/qgis_styles/blob/master/collections/distance_measure/preview/measure_preview.png

  This is really amazing!

  I noticed a feature of this that I haven't seem mentioned, but I
think it can be of use.   It seems that the displacement of the
dimensioning line is dependent on the order of the point picks,
although the label seems to have its own way. In the attached image I
picked the upper line clicking on the left point and then finishing on
right point.    The lower line I have picked first the right point and
finished with the left point.

  I think that if the label were attached in someway to the
dimensioning line, this could be an useful feature.



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