I used your example as a starting point to create a qml style file that adds 
dimensions to all segments of the border of simple polygons, without an extra 
line layer. I used the geometry generator to create some marker lines and 
arrows. I also added the area in the center of the polygons. For some reason 
the labels with the lengths of the segments (that are Font Marker Lines) look 
more bold than the labels that show the areas (that are real labels), even 
though in QGIS 2.99 they have the same size and units. I QGIS 2.18 I tried to 
give them both about the same size in pixel and point units.

I uploaded 2 qml-files (1 for QGIS 2.18 and 1 for QGIS 2.99) and an example 
result png-file to Dropbox:

How to use the style:
1. open or create a polygon layer
2. add some simple polygons
3. apply the qml-file for your QGIS version (2.18 or 2.99)


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Van: Qgis-user [] Namens Paolo Cavallini
Verzonden: vrijdag 2 februari 2018 18:44
Onderwerp: Re: [Qgis-user] Polygon Dimensioning in QGIS

Il 02/02/2018 17:35, Fernando M. Roxo da Motta ha scritto:

>   This is really amazing!
>   I think that if the label were attached in someway to the 
> dimensioning line, this could be an useful feature.

thanks for this note. As said, it was just a quick exercise, there is much room 
for improvements.
Feel free to submit pull requests to:
All the best.

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