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Am Mo, 12.02.2018, 09:59 schrieb Jürgen E. Fischer:
> IIRC you are not allowed to print either (which I couldn't find
> quickly) - which doesn't work correctly with the OpenLayers plugin
> and never got fixed/workedaround for that reason.

Yeah, that has some historical background. Google Maps is a mash
up hundreds of different data providers. Some allow things, while
others don't. Most of them allow viewing only, but printing or
export need a contract (licensed via the API).

I'd really recommend to use and recommend the official Static Maps
API for the future. It allows printing and other things, but needs
a key:


> Hm, not really - mutt puts it there automatically.

Wow, then we've found a bug in mugg! See RFC 3676 and others:

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