Hi Ross,

I noticed something similar when using project colors and referencing them 
through the function `project_color(name)`. This works fine in the map but 
neither the layer manager nor the legend in the print composer reflect the true 
color. I only know this to be true for 2.18, didn't test it with 2.99 yet.

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Hi List

This issue (https://issues.qgis.org/issues/15132) refers to using the 
@symbol_color function to make the outline of graduated/categorised features 
the same colour as the fill.  There is a fix by Nyall from over a year ago but 
I wonder if there has been a regression?

I am using both the latest 2.99 master and 2.18.16 64-bit versions on Windows 7 
and if I render a polygon layer using the categorised or graduated renderer and 
set the outline colour using @symbol_color then the legend doesn't reflect the 
style shown on the map. The features are rendered correctly (I like using 
"darker(@symbol_color,150)") on the map canvas and the print composer but the 
legend in the table of contents and on the composer layout show the default 
outline colour.

The only way I can get the legend to update is to set the outline/stroke colour 
to the fill colour for each category and then make it slightly darker - not too 
much of a hassle if there are a few but a hassle if there are more than that.

Can anyone else confirm this?  And has there been a regression or was the fix 
for something slightly different?

Thanks in advance


Ross McDonald | GIS Data Coordinator | Angus Council, People, IT | Angus House, 
Orchardbank Business Park, Sylvie Way, Forfar DD8 1AT | t: 01307 476419

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