On 02-03-18 16:10, William Roper wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using QGIS3 on Ubuntu16.04 and I've been experiencing frustrations
> with it crashing if I attempt to edit attribute. It will open the
> attribute table, but won't let me make edits. I would like to submit a
> bug report but don't really know how much detail to offer, so some
> guidance on that would be useful - unless someone happens to know a
> solution!

Hi William,

Are you able to reproduce your problem on another machine? To rule out
local install problems?
Are you able to reproduce it with other datasets too? To rule out that
it is a local data problem?

If both true: just create an issue at issues.qgis.org, preferably attach
a small dataset so others can first reproduce your issue on their
machines and then try to fix it.

Much detail is ok, most important thing is that other can reproduce your
problem, so add details about for example Operating System, kind of
Data, and exact steps to reproduce by others.


Richard Duivenvoorde
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