Hi all,

I'm experiencing a slightly odd issue with QGIS 3.0 and GRASS in Windows 10 
installed with OSGEO4W. The GRASS plugin seems to functioning just fine but if 
I attempt to use any GRASS algorithms from the processing toolbox I get an 
error message:

"The specified GRASS 7 folder "C:\OSGEO4~1\apps\grass\grass-7.2.1\bin" does not 
contain a valid set of GRASS 7 modules. Please, go to the Processing settings 
dialog, and check that the GRASS 7 folder is correctly configured"

So I go to the providers settings and the path is set to ...\grass-7.4.0\bin. 
So why is QGIS still looking for the modules in the 7.2.1 folder, which 
subsequently, doesn't actually exist. Is this a bug? Is the path hard coded?

I have 2.18.17 installed alongside, this also uses the 7.4.0 path and the 
processing tools for GRASS are working fine.

Any thoughts?



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