Anyone having issues with Python after installing the new QGIS3? My OSGeo4w
shell only sees the Python27 install and my windows cmd only sees the
python36 install. When I type python in OSGeo4W I get 2.7.XXXXX and a
readout of where it is installed and such, the usual. When I type Python in
my windows cmd I get the program could not start because python36.dll is
missing from your computer. Using the 64bit OSGeo4W package, btw.
When in QGIS3 if I put in print(sys.version) in the python codeblock I get
a readout saying I am in Python 3.6. QGIS 2.18.X LTR seems to be using
Python 2.7.XXX
My question is, is this normal? Is the python packaged with QGIS3 somehow
(locked) because it is an early release and not 100% ready? or do I need to
do something to switch from one Python to another that I am not doing?
I also tried running Python from the OSGeo4W64\apps\Python27 and Python36
directories respectively with the same results. CMD Windows says I am
missing a DLL and OSGeo4W goes into Python2.7.
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