Hi everybody,

  I´m testing QGIS 3.0 in Windows 10. I think I have found an error in the
"Add record" form when you are editing a PostgreSQL table without geometry
and the table primary key (PK) is composed of two fields (or more) from the

  I suppose QGIS thinks a PK field has to be unique, and that´s true for
most of the cases, but when you have a PK composed of more than one field,
is the combination of these fields what it has to be unique, not the fields
individually. Now, in QGIS 3.0, if you write a value for one of the PK
fields that it is already in the table, it doesn't let you insert that
value, even if the combination of the values that compound the PK is unique.

  I attach two screenshot:
    -"Add record" button
    -"Add record" form not letting you insert a value

  Thanks in advance

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