I've ploughed through the archives and read up to minute information to
2016 on ECW.

I reinstalled QGIS with all requirements from

I installed ECW Plugin 2.1.1-2 from
then went looking for ERDAS ECW/JPEG2000 SDK at
http://download.intergraph.com/download-portal but that site has
changed...and I explored there but could not find the SDK. Maybe things
have progressed since 2016-9-29 the date on the GDAL ECW Plugin ReadMe.

So I wonder where can I now find the the libNCSEcw.dylib file to copy to
   /Library/Application Support/GDAL/2.1/Libraries  ?

Or is there another work around so that I can open eww files in QGIS 2.18
on Mac OS X 10.11.6 ?

Thanks for any tips

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