Am Mo, 2.04.2018, 10:51 schrieb Richard Duivenvoorde:
> On 02-04-18 00:23, Tobias Wendorff wrote:
> Yes, there is a panel 'Tile Scale' which is working for WMST,
> and to me also looks to work for xyz layers:

[x] works for me with XYZ, too - thanks a lot!
"Tile Scale" panel is missing labels, is this a bug?

> I wrote something about it some years ago, to adapt those scales
> to our national WMTS scales (which is a DIFFERENT schema then
> the Google/World schema the xyz layers use!) [0]

Yeah, I used gdalinfo and some python code to do this in the past
(I also wanted sharp tiles).

> Would be nice to maybe create a 'layer tree widget' [1][2] for
> these xyz layers?

Definitely, would be useful.

Thanks again ;)

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