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> Thanks Even,
> It definitely doesn't sound like an easy solution.
> I wonder how others deal with it and maybe someone in the developers list
> will have some ideas
> I have just been applying band aid fixes for the last year to prevent the
> gpkgs from updating themselves but yesterday I discovered the beauty of
> storing rasters in the gpkg format. Unfortunately the rasters make the
> gpkgs large and so I can't have them just start uploading on a field tablet
> via cell connection when they get viewed in Q or other app like Roam.
Hi, I also faced this problem when Implementing gpkg support in the QGIS
browser panel: when the file browser scanned the folder, it opened the
gpkg, which in turn changed its file stats and made the directory watcher
think that something has changed in the directory, which in turns started
scanning again in a delicious endless loop :)

I think I solved this with a kind of locker for the directory scan thread,
but it was't easy.

I feel that it would be really useful is we could open a gpkg from GDAL in
read-only mode without creating the WAL, expecially without creating the
WAL in the same directory (but I guess this is by design, buried deep into
sqlite code).

Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it
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