Thanks a lot Andreas,

That worked!
Altough, using the vrt succeeded the first time, but when I opened the
project again qgis crashed (2.18.18)
I tried several times, even loading the vrt file in a new project made qgis
Building the raster with gdal_merge worked. First I have build a vrt file,
and then I created the merged file.
I succeeded in serving the project in qgisserver and opening it in qgis.
Then I adjusted the OWS settings (just filled in title, extent etc. -->
tested it: result was ok).
Now when I try to load the wmsservice in qgis, it shows the layer in the WMS
dialog but when I add it I get an error. The problem is that I cannot read
the error as it is shown above the mapwindow but the text is not readable,
it is below the area that is visible.
Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot by the way :-)

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