Reading CityGML is possible, it is after all well-behaved GML. Using GDAL or 
better using the tools mentioned by Tobias to convert it to a 
PostGIS database. And visualising it then is probably also OK, but only in 2D, 
not the way I suspect you’d want to, i.e.  in a 3D-viewing environment...

Barend Köbben

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Hi Mike.

Am Mo, 16.04.2018, 09:34 schrieb Elstermann, Mike:
How can I read/visualize CityGML in QGIS?

CityGML exists in several flavors, I don't think, QGIS supports
it the native way. You have to use FME to convert it or try it
the GDAL way. EvenR has added much GMLAS in the past, which makes
it able to parse some kind of CityGML-stuff:


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