I have an Oracle database with several tables with SDO_GEOMETRY columns in
In Qgis, I can open every tables but for one I can't add features.
The Edit button is NOT grey, I CAN click on it but the Add feature button
is grey, therefore I can't add a new feature.

What is strange when adding an oracle table to my layers (any table), is
that Qgis tells me that the SRID is not defined. But it is defined in the
MDSYS.USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA view and I can see it in the add Oracle layer
And also, in the add Oracle layer window, I don't see any field in the
Primary key column (and I can't select the field containing the PK).

Any idea why one specific table is not "editable" whereas the others are ?
And any info on the missing PK in the add oracle layer window /  not
defined SRID message will be welcomed.

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