The Quantum GIS project announces the "Sponsor a Developer" program. This program is intended to fund QGIS development using donations from the community.

The suggested starting levels for participation in the program are:
Individual: 50 EUR or $65 US
Corporate: 100 EUR or $125 US

Of course you are free to donate at whatever level you like.

The program will be used to employ a part or full time developer to work on the upcoming release. The focus of the effort will be on creating a stable release in a timely fashion. Unless you request anonymity, your sponsorship will be listed on the sponsors web page and in the QGIS "About" box. Donations are managed by Micro Resources and at present, all amounts go towards development (there is no overhead charge).

Full details of the program, including developer(s), support levels, and activities will be made available on the QGIS website.

If you are a user of QGIS, please consider sponsoring a developer.

To get started, please see the sponsor web page at index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=131&Itemid=105

Our minimum goal for November is 500 EUR or $650 US. Please consider donating today.

Thanks for supporting QGIS!

Gary Sherman
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  *Web Site Hosting
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