I cant speak for the other tools you mentioned, but in QGIS the only way to do such a thing currently is to go 'under the hood' and programme it in c++. It will make an interesting tutorial so if you were not afraid of a bit of C++ I could probably do a little tutorial on http://blog.qgis.org showing the basics of creating such an iterator. In the release after 0.8 we expect Martin Dobias's python bindings work to be part of the release, at which point such functionality should be somewhat easier for non C++ folks.



On 29/10/2006, at 06:03, Matt Wilkie wrote:

Hi All,

I'm working on a project processing a lot of landsat7 and other images
and tile-management is so far the hardest part I've tackled. I need to
break things into pieces, do some work on them, and then reassemble
them and stuff them somewhere else, largely unattended.

Under ArcInfo I'd use AML and cursors: basically for each polygon in
an index cover do X,Y and Z. I'm at a loss so far to how to do the
same thing with the open source tools I have. Namely fwtools, qgis and
ossim (all on windows). Where do I begin?  I imagine this to be common
scenario, how are/have other people handled it?

thanks in advance for your thoughts,

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