The QGIS binary 0.8 preview is not expected to be run in Cygwin.
It contains its own copy of GRASS. You dont need to fiddle with
anything. Just start QGIS and enable GRASS plugin.
Then go to GRASS plugin menu and select 'Open mapset'
Cookbook: http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/GrassCookbook/OpenMapset


On 10/31/06, Lindsay Mico <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have what is hopefully a simple question.  I am trying to start qgis
inside of grass in order to use the grass plugin.  I put a folder containing
all qgis files into my grass home directory.  When I try to run qgis by
simply typins 'qgis', it starts to load and then closes with the following
error message.

error_routine (fatal = 1): GISDBASE not set
error_routine (fatal = 1): LOCATION_NAME not set
error_routine (fatal = 1): MAPSET is not set

I have of course already set my database, location, and mapset when I load
grass (I use windows xp, grass 6.0 running on cygwin).  Could someone please
walk me through this basic first step?  I would be eternally grateful.


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