That's the spirit!

I think we need to have a flag symbol beside our names on the sponsorship page 

> It worked! Nationalism worked! Go Canada! ;-)
> Ok ok, I gave 10$US because I believe in the project, even if I'm 
> not a 
> QGIS user! :-)
> (I could not specify my country on the paypal page, will it be 
> retrieved 
> directly from my account info? If not, I'm canadian :-)
> Even if this isn't major news, don't hesitate to submit a story on 
> about this QGIS sponsorship Challenge :-) 
> Slashgeo, ad-free and non-profit, 
> now has 
> about 10,000 daily hits reaching thousands of geospatial 
> professionals.
> Cheers and good luck with the sponsorship :-)
> Alex

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