To check if all values are realy NULL you can either
select the raster in GRASS browser (GRASS tools) or
you can ran (or, r.statistics) from comnad line.

If there are realy no values then something is wrong with
and you should ask in GRASS list.

If the values are OK, you can try to set colors (r.colors from
command line or from GRASS Tools) or you can change
color table in raster properties in QGIS.


On 11/2/06, Brook Milligan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am trying to import a GRASS floating-point raster image into qgis.
GRASS 6.0.2 is able to display the image fine, and seems to report
information the suggests it is reading all the metadata correctly.
However, qgis 0.8.0(preview 2) just displays it as a black box, and
the properties indicate that it is all missing values (nan).  When the
original DEM is loaded directly into qgis (i.e., not first into GRASS
and then into qgis), it looks fine.  Underlying this is gdal 1.3.1 and

Any tips on where to begin looking for the problem are very welcome.

Thanks for your help.

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