As you are likely aware, we are soliciting donations to fund work on the QGIS 0.8 release. If you haven't heard, see the Sponsors page at for more information. We will be contracting with a qualified developer within the next two weeks.

To date we have had 16 donations totaling $769 US. This is a great start, however it represents participation from only 1.6% of registered QGIS users.

The donations have come from five countries:
Italy (7)
Canada (4)
Poland (2)
France (2)
Portugal (1)

We would like to be able to fund a developer beyond November and to do that we need your help. All funds donated are used for development. There is no overhead or administrative charge, other than that assessed by PayPal. All charges are shown on the Sponsors page.

If you use QGIS I would like to encourage you to help in this effort. There are recommended sponsorship levels on the Sponsors page, however you can donate any amount you like. Every little bit helps.

Lets get some more flags on the page!

Thanks for supporting QGIS.


Gary Sherman
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