I run QGIS on FreeBSD these days, and have found that I need the
attached patch to get the grass shell and gps plugin to work.  The
grass shell patch is needed even to get the thing to compile.

The grass shell patch makes sure the right include files are brought
in to get at the PTY functions.

The gpsplugin patch changes the preprocessor symbol that selects what
style of ports to probe for, and adds a block of code that scans for
USB serial adapters.

Is there a reason that the GPS plugin's gui doesn't allow one to type
in a port?  As it is, if the port doesn't show up in the pull-down
box, it can't be used.  That means that if one were to plug in a USB
serial adapter (which causes a new /dev/ucom* node to be created)
after the GPS plugin dialog is created, one can't get at it.

The attached patch is tested, and I have been able to download gps
tracks with the plugin.

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