the problem is that somebody changed
 myRasterBandStats.bandName=QString::number(i) + " : " + myColorQString;
 myRasterBandStats.bandName = myColorQString ;
and  because
   QString myColorQString =
all bands has the same name.
Anybody remember why the change was done (it was before SVN)
and if there is any reason for it? I am going to revert it back to
use also the band number.


On 11/7/06, Henning Lorenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I read several threads which touched the topic of displaying Grass
multiband images in QGis. I understand that there are problems with the
display of colours and color palettes (e.g.
http://lists.qgis.org/pipermail/qgis-developer/2006-June/000441.html). Are
these issus resolved:

Is it possible to display Grass raster data as a rgb-pseudocolour image in
QGis0.8? And if so, how?

After a r.gdal import my images display correctly in Grass. For QGis
display, I grouped the bands with i.group. When I display this group in
QGis it appears as a greyscale image. In the Raster Layer Properties's
Symbology tab each layer in the Grass raster-group shows up as
"Palette"-layer which can be chosen as red, green or blue channel. Changes
in the Symbology tab have no influence on the displayed image (except
Invert Color Map). However, in the Histogram tab the data are displayed
correctly according to their colour channels. Any changes in Grass with
r.colors seem not to have any effect on the display in q.gis.


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