Is bug #213 'critical' or 'must fix' to you?

I would like to use QGIS, but I do not because QGIS lacks a basic, necessary function: the ability to display a raster image at 100%, meaning one pixel from the image file is drawn as one pixel on the display.  This functionality should be supplemented by the ability to display an image at 200% and 50%.  I  wrote about this missing feature, which is a huge problem for me, back on 6 July 2006, and it is listed as bug #213.  I am not aware of anything being done about it.  I am willing to donate $200.00 for this problem to be fixed this month.
Greg Coats

On Nov 11, 2006, at 7:11 AM, Tim Sutton wrote:

Martin's main job will be to kill bugs in the QGIS bug tracker marked as 'critical' and 'must fix'.

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