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Is bug #213 'critical' or 'must fix' to you?

I would like to use QGIS, but I do not because QGIS lacks a basic, necessary function: the ability to display a raster image at 100%, meaning one pixel from the image file is drawn as one pixel on the display. This functionality should be supplemented by the ability to display an image at 200% and 50%. I wrote about this missing feature, which is a huge problem for me, back on 6 July 2006, and it is listed as bug #213. I am not aware of anything being done about it. I am willing to donate $200.00 for this problem to be fixed this month.

This bug was moved to the 0.9 release. This is because it is a new feature request, not a bug. While I agree this is important functionality and I definitely want it in QGIS, we are in a feature freeze for 0.8. We have been slowly and painstakingly moving towards release. Introducing new features always has the potential to destabilize the code base.

That said, there is one other option. If one of the developers wants to implement this functionality as a plugin (e.g. "Raster Tools" or some such), it can be included in the 0.8 release. This assumes that implementing the plugin will require no changes to the "core" libraries. The plugin could be the basis for additional raster functions in future versions.


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