Hi All

I've uploaded another windows build snapshot (release version only)
which includes fixes to make the grass shell work again. Can someone
who knows more about grass than me have a quick test to see if the
shell works as expected?

Note for the shell to work QGIS still needs to intall in a base dir
with no spaces. i.e. installing into c:\Program Files\QuantumGIS will
not allow shell to work as the path has spaces in it.

The snapshot is available here:


The snapshot also includes a few other fixes like plugins showing up
in the plugin manager properly. The win build still has some issues so
its not building everything in the codebase properly yet. Thanks to
Martin, Freddy and Phillippe for the ongoing help! Anyone else who
would like to help (even if its just testing and filing bugs) please
contact me. I'd be particularly interested to hear from someone who
can help get python setup in the msys environment and test the
ms_export tool.


Tim Sutton

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