Radim Blazek wrote:

> Ah, what is the name of your file? Do you have ".eps" extension?
> I am not sure, but IIRC they write either PS or EPS according to extension
> and composer is probably expecting always EPS.


2 days ago I have posted an update regarding bug #345 you were trying
to fix. Unfortunately it is till mostly valid - no crash, but still no
file created.

I also have the "Cannot find BoundingBox" error Henning mentions.
Moreover I still get the "Cannot find translate" error.

I also can't print to a printer.

And the weird thing is that the printing to a file actually tries to
create a pdf, not and eps! And it even almost succeeds :).

For details see my most recent message in


I saw you were assigned to this bug, so I didn't CC you. Now I see you
propably didn't get the message. Are the bug owners CCied?
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