I realised that the pdf-output of "print-to-file" is always place on a
1414 x 1000 mm sheet. This is not the case for ps and eps, where the
"Cannot find BoundingBox" error does not appear.

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 11:39:45 +0100, Henning Lorenz wrote:

> Yes, Qt-4.2.2 fixes the printing - the output is satisfactory and
> resembles the map composer in ps, eps and pdf format.
> However, when printing to a pdf-file the "Cannot find BoundigBox" error is
> still present ...
> No problem if one knows about it, but something to improve if it is easily
> fixed: It's a little bit confusing that the path-to-file input does not
> appear when the "Print to file" box is already turned on in the print
> dialogue. It's necessary to turn the box off and on again to hide the
> printer and get the path-to-file input.
> Henning

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