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(1) I cannot open the Grass shell at all, regardless of whether or not there
are blanks in the path. The shell command in the toolbox is dead, it does
nothing. The non-Windows (preview 2) build does open it correctly on the
same machine.

Thats strange - someone else tested and it opened fine for them. Did
you get an error message?

(2) I am unable to import PostGIS layers. v.in.ogr fails with messages such
as the following:

Cannot open data source: PG:host=localhost dbname=lambayeque port=5432
user=Fempellec password=xxxxx
Finished with error

This happens both in all builds, not just the Windows build, and also from
the command line.

Ok the postgis support I was referring to was via the 'add database
layer' using the qgis postgresql provider. For grass based v.in.ogr I
have not tested at all. I will try to see why this is not working but
on a lower priority - I will come back to it after sorting out some of
the other issues.

(3) Some Grass commands that run from the non-Windows (preview 2) build fail
with error messages such as

"Cannot start module v.kernel.exe --interface-description"

I think I ran them all and found v.kernel, v.surf.rst, and r.in.gdal to
misbehave in this way.

Ok I will check up on these. My next task is to try to build grass
natively under msys - currently the grass in the test win distribution
is still the one build under the xcompiler. Hopefully these issues
will be resolved in the process.

I hope this is of help.

Yes it helps a lot thank you.

I noticed the quoted PostGIS schemas.

Thats probably Gavins work.

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