nothing happened. I didn't have qtfontig installed, but installing it did'nt
seem to solve my problem. Using QGis during the day I've seen that sometimes
characters are correctly displayed, but just for a while... Then they become
unreadable again. I'm going crazy!


2006/12/12, Gary Sherman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

On Dec 11, 2006, at 3:12 PM, G. Allegri wrote:

I'm a new QGis user. I've installed QGis 0.8 preview 2 (debian.gfossrepository) 
on my laptop and I'm facing a problem with the texts in the UI,
as you can see in this 
I installed it, the same way, on a desktop PC and it works fine. I've tried
to compile it, but the same problem remains. Could it be a problem related
to my video card? It's an Ati Radeon IGP 320 (U1 driver, automatically
installed by my Debian).
Any suggestion?

Try running the qtconfig program (comes with Qt) and checking or adjusting
the fonts used by Qt. It is possible that Qt is having trouble mapping
default fonts to those available on your system.


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