my first essais on georenfencer with windows version

I think it's not possible to turn map but I do that linux version.
for one of my problems (georeferencer house map on lambert II extend) the 
georeferencer coordonnates points can be near 4 meters max from that I can read 
in the bottom rigth windows.

For example 

759770        position    759769.57
2053000       position    2053004.17

and all points of plan same relative shift (near 0.40 meters west or 4 meters 

On linux, I've done that a few weeks

759770        position    759765.56
2053000       position    2053004.17

The errors seem be nearly the same in x and y

If it could be usefull for somebody ...

And realy many and many thanks for what have already been done  

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