Dears friends,
I've met some problems installing Qt Open Source Edition (version 4.2.2) in 
Windows XP SP2 environment: after installing MinGW (version 5.0.2), and 
changing the file "w32api.h" (version 3.2, as required), in the 
"C:\MinGW\include" folder, the files I can launch are only the followings: 

Qt Assistant (help and documentation);
Qt Designer (graphic tools);
Qt Linguist (translation tool);
Qt Examples and Demos;
Qt 4.2.2 Command Prompt;
Qt 4.2.2 prompt (Build Debug Libraries).

I've followed the examples and the "How to get started" sections, but no 
significant result, since it is not clear how and where I have to create files 
in folders, and if I should use plain text editor, or Visual C++ files, etc.
I'm interested in platform-independent C++ programming, and Qt programming too, 
but what I expected was a text editor (Visual C++ like): does anyone know how 
to fix this problem?
Thanks a lot!

Fabio De Rubertis

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