The company I work for wants to develop certain GIS functionality on top of an 
existing GIS product. I would like to do a small comparison between the various 
GIS programs so that we can make a motivated decision. The application must 
enable us to develop the following:
- create functionality where a user can place symbols, lines or polygons in the 
map by drawing in the map. Next, a dialogbox must appear where he can enter 
some attribute information. The coordinates and the entered attribute data must 
be stored in a spatial database (postgis).- One can have multiple views 
(windows) that are linked together; so when you pan in one view, the other 
views will pan along automatically. (there are different layers in each view)- 
Create short-cut keys for various functions; for example to make layers visible 
/ invisible and to zoom in to a certain scale.- It must be fast with raster and 
vector data- Make use of global variables that we can use in the entire 
application- Create buttons, menu bars, etc that execute our developed scripts
Can we do this with QGis?
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